Saturday, June 8, 2013

Yard Sale Treasure

Yard Sale Treasure


Maybelline Belle is one of my best customers. She came in the other day all tore up. I asked her what had happened. Maybelline started cryin' - gushin'! You would have thought somebody had died or somethin'! she used up all the Kleenex in my beauty parlor.

Finally, Maybelline settled down enough to tell me. She said, "Oh, Mitsy Lou, I was so excited! Last week I went to Lora Mae's yard sale and I couldn't believe my eyes!"
I said, "Maybelline, what in the world?!"
"Well, she replied, I was walkin' 'round lookin' at everything. Then I saw it! It was layin' on top of Lora Mae's velvet Elvis."
"WHAT, Maybelline?" I asked.
"The lobster, Pinchers!" she said. It's a treasure! I'd been lookin' for him the longest time!" At this point, I thought she'd lost her mind! Then she went on to explain that she was a collector of Beanie Babies. All she needed was Pinchers, and her collection would be complete.
Then Maybelline started cryin' again. I said, "Well, so what's the Matter? You found what you were lookin' for didn't you?"
Through her tears, she told me that she had left the Beanie Baby on the sofa to answer the phone. When she got back, her dog was chewin' on Pinchers. He tore it up good!
What do you treasure? Are they in a safe place? Thank you God that you have precious treasures for us in heaven.

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