Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A New Heart

A New Heart

Daddy was never one to go to the doctor unless he felt really sick. One time when he hadn't been feelin' up to par for a few weeks, Mamma finally got him to go to the doctor.

I went with Daddy, bein' I was hme from beauty school. the doctor ran some tests in his office includin' an EKG. Somethin' showed up on the test that the doctor didn't like. He set up an appointment for a heart catheterization for the next day.
This test showed that Daddy had blockages in five different arteries. We were all shocked! Other thanb bein' tired, Daddy didn't have any other symptoms. Daddy was gonna need a quintuple bypass. The was the most major even to happen in our family.
After surgery, Daddy had a reaction to one of the medications which kept hum in the hospital longer than planned. Finally, he was well enough to come home.
Within a few weeks, Daddy was back to his old self. He went back to work stronger and healthier.
Lookin' back on Daddy's heart surgery reminds me that we all get a new heart when we accept Jesus as our Savior!

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