Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Short devotionals dipped with faith & sprinkl'd with a dose of humor by Mitsy Lou Puppernickel from Frog Holler, ta' encourage ya' ta' hang on ta' your faith in this ever-chang'n world

Mamma loves flow'rs. She loves spring! That's when she takes the flow'rs out that's been in tha' basement all wint'r 'n puts 'em outside. There are flowr's on the front porch, back porch, down the steps, 'n all along tha' top of tha' wall goin' down tha' driveway. 

We found out how seri's she was 'bout her flow'rs when Cous'n Ernie mow'd our yard. A bee buzz'd 'round his head. Cous'n Ernie was shak'n his head try'n ta' get rid of it. He wasn't look'n 'n mow'd down Mamma's row of Iris's. Mamma ran out 'n start'd flapp'n a towel 'round Cous'n Ernie's head. He thought she was try'n to get tha' bee. When she show'd him what he'd done, he ran off. It was a week 'fore we saw him agi'n.