Tuesday, July 19, 2011

God's Workn On Ya All Tha Time!

How is God workn in your life? Do ya want Him to? Just like what a potter does ta clay, God takes His time 'n molds 'n shapes us inta what He wants us ta be. It's so hard ta be patient! When I acceptd Jesus as my savior, I was ready, or thought I was, ta tackle whatevr He wantd me ta do. I've learnd that ya gotta live through some life experiences sometimes that prepares ya for tha work He has plannd.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Riden On Tha Waves of Life

My family goes evry year to Uncle Murray's & Aunt Sophie's beach place.  Ya know, evry time I'm at tha beach, I remembr, when we were little, Daddy takin' my sistr, Ditsy Lou, 'n I out ta ride tha waves. He held me in one arm 'n Ditsy Lou in tha othr. As long as Daddy was holdn me, I felt safe. We'd ride one wave in 'n then anothr 'n anothr. Aftr a while, Daddy decided ta go out, in tha ocen, a little furthr. It was goin well, 'til I felt somethn wrappn 'round my legs. All I could think of was - a snake. I startd hollern 'n tryn to get whatevr it was off! It's a wondr Daddy didn't drop me, but he held on ta me 'til tha next wave brought us in. He would not let go of me 'cause he knew what would happn if he did.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Where Are Ya in Your Faith?

What does faith mean anyway? Tha Hebrew word for faith is emunah mean'n "support". Now in tha Old Testament, it meant strongly relyn on God by holdn on to tha word of promise 'n bein reassurd for its fullfillment evn through hardships. Noah, Abraham, Esther, Martha, Hannah, 'n Job are just a few who had this kind 'a faith. But in tha New Testament, faith took on a deepr mean'n. It became an action that havn faith in God meant ta "support" Him.