Saturday, June 22, 2013

Conquerin' A Challenge

Conquerin' A  Challenge


Mamma didn't learn to drive until she was fifty-five years old. She'd always been scared to before. At first, she was dependent on Daddy to take her everywhere, and then when me and my sister got our licenses, we could take her where she needed to go. But, when I was in college and my sister graduated from high school, she got her courage up and took a driver trainin' course.

There were two teenagers in the class with her, Lilly Belle and Lora Mae. The first time Mamma was at the wheel, she brought a blowed up cushion Daddy got her 'cause without it, she couldn't see over the steerin' wheel.
The first lesson was on how to use the clutch. Mamma's foot trembled as she started to let the clutch out. It took her four tries 'fore she finally got it into first gear. After she got goin', Mamma got up to a pretty good speed. As they came up to a stop sign, Mamma pushed in the clutch but forgot 'bout the brake. Mr. Ledberry, the drivin' instructor, realized they weren't gonna stop and slammed on the brake pedal on his side. Lilly Belle and Lora Mae were thrown into the back of Mamma's and Mr. Ledberry's seats.
Mamma looked back at Lilly Belle and Lora Mae and asked if they were all right. They both rolled their eyes and said, "Yes m'am, we're fine". Mr Ledberry decided right there and then it was Lilly Belle's time to drive. Mamma went home a little shook up, but still determined to finish the course.
Mamma did get her license and drove herself to the grocery store, beauty parlor, and anywhere else she wanted to go.
Mamma showed me that with a strong will and determination, you can conquer any challenge.

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