Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ruby Cakes

Ruby Cakes

Mamma baked homemade pound cakes. They were some of the best things I'd ever put in my mouth. They had a texture like velvet. People knew and liked her cakes so much, they started callin' 'em, Ruby cakes.

She baked 'em for all the neighbors for their birthdays or if they'd been sick or had surgery. Whenever she gave somebody one, they'd say, "Oh boy, a Ruby cake."
She got so famous for 'em, people started offerin' to pay her for bakin' 'em one. Mamma had to make a few cakes at a time and freeze 'em so she'd have one on hand when somebody called.
Bakin' cakes for people was one of the ways Mamma showed her love. In fact, I think love was the ingredient that made her cakes so special.
What do you do or make out of love for others?

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