Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Stuck by Guest Blogger Author, C. A. Stevens

Thanks C. A. Stevens for bein' my guest blogger today! Love the way you write! Please go to the link 'n check out her book y'all!

Harley! Harley! The other evening, I called and called my dog Harley. He usually comes right in, knowing that his supper is waiting on him. But not that night. Instead he just continued to bark, bark, bark. Being 15 years old (that’s around 105 to you and me), he neither hears nor sees well anymore. I was afraid he couldn’t hear me over the sound of his own barking, so I ventured forth into the cold, dark backyard to find him. His barks were coming from the part of the yard that has been left “natural” so I picked up a stick to part the weeds. Even with the stick’s help, I still managed to impale myself on a blackberry bramble that had sprung up despite the continuing cold weather. After fighting my way through more weeds, I finally found Harley and saw why he hadn’t come to my call. In the dim glow of a night-light, I could barely make out my little black dog and the fact that he was stuck to the spot because the long fur of his tail had gotten caught in a particularly vicious briar. Realizing I was there with him, Harley jumped on me as if to say, “Help!” I used my stick to loosen his fur from the briar’s grasp and he does his part by pulling away from the thorns. With the two of us working together we finally got him loose and gratefully headed for the house.

Harley’s predicament reminds me of the way I have felt in my own life recently. In my book, Reminiscences of the Last Old Maid on the Planet, I mention that I once heard someone say the Christian life is like surfing a tsunami. Sometimes that exactly describes what my life is like. And then, there are the other times. The times when there is no seeming movement in my life, when, to use an old sailing term, I feel “dead in the water”. This is how my life has felt for a while now. Like Harley, I seem caught by something and stuck in the dark with no way out. Seeing the way Harley handled being stuck, I realized he had once again taught me how I should relate to God. In my book I write about a time when God used my dogs to show me how to love Him. This time, He used Harley  to show me how to trust Him. When Harley found himself caught in the dark with no way out, he kept barking, trusting that I would hear him and come to his aid. He reminded me to keep praying, trusting that God will rescue me from where I am caught. Even though I cannot see a way out of my “stuck” place in the darkness, I must keep faith that God will provide a way out.

“For we live by faith, not by sight”  2 Corinthians 5:7 (NIV)
Reminiscences of the Last Old Maid on the Planet
Authored by C. A. Stevens
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Meet the Last Old Maid on the Planet, a woman in the middle of middle age. Using her own unique combination of humor and reverence, she chronicles the past ten years of her life. In this book, you will read about her adventures, from the ridiculous to the sublime.

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