Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Easter Flood

The Easter Flood

When we were little, Mamma would dress me and my sister alike on Easter Sunday. We wore the same dress, hat, gloves, and black patent leather shoes with white, lacy socks. Everyone at church would be dressed up too. As a matter of fact, there were more people at church on Easter than any other holiday. It had gotten to be a regular fashion show.

Aunt Sophie loved to show off her new high heels. Some of the ladies wore big hats. I'd always get stuck sittin’ behind one of 'em and couldn't see the preacher, or anythin’ else for that matter. The men fought over who was wearin’ the funniest tie.
One year, Old Buck won hands down. He wore a tie that had a bunny rabbit on it holdin’ a basket. You could reach in the basket and pull out small chocolate candy eggs.
Then one year somethin’ happened that changed people’s hearts. It's an Easter I'll never forget. On Maundy Thursday night, Deputy Grover was makin’ his usual rounds. When he drove by the church, he noticed water pourin’ out the front doors. He went to get Rev. Hopper. When they came back and opened the doors, a flood of water poured out. They could see water still sprayin’ everywhere from one of the sprinklers in the ceilin’. The sprinklers had been put in to protect the church from fire. But, there hadn’t been any fire, the sprinkler just started sprayin’ for no reason. Now the sanctuary was four inches deep in water.
Rev. Hopper’s heart sank ‘cause he realized there’d be no Easter service in the sanctuary that year. Word spread fast the next day that there had been a flood in the church. People started comin’ to help clean up the mess and set up chairs outside by the big dogwood tree. 

That Easter Sunday turned off cold, as it often does. Most everybody had to wear winter coats coverin’ up their Easter finery. Durin’ the service, we all stood by the dogwood tree singin’ “He Arose”. Lookin’ at its blossoms, we remembered what the dogwood symbolizes and were reminded that Easter is not 'bout new shoes, hats, or ties, it’s ‘bout Jesus winnin’ the victory for us!
Luke 24:5b-6a “Why do you seek the living among the dead? “He is not here, but is risen!”
God, thank you for your Son, Jesus. For sacrificing your Son for us. In the name of Jesus, amen.
Things To Think 'Bout:
1. How do you celebrate Easter?
2. Is Easter just another holiday?
Happy Easter y'all!



  1. I've been going to church mostly at Calvary Chapels so we never dress up for church. Here in ARIDzona, it's too hot most of the year for finery. Most wear shorts and a tshirt. We don't even dress up much for Resurrection SONday either. After church, I cook a family brunch and we make Resurrection Rolls, watch movies about the Easter story including Passion of the Christ.

  2. Can you send me your recipe for Resurrection Rolls? You don't have to dress up that's for sure! Like the hymn says, "Just As I Am".