Saturday, November 10, 2012

November's Bein' Thankful Series-Daddy's Flag

November's Bein' Thankful Series-
Daddy's Flag
Daddy was a patriotic man. He loved God, his family, his country, ‘n his flag. He proudly displayed his fag on a flag pole in his front yard.  He loved to watch it wave bravely in the breeze. 

Daddy was a Technical Sergeant in WWII ‘n knew first -hand the price that was paid for our flag to wave.  In the early years of WWII he was a trainin’ sergeant with the 120th Infantry National Guard troops from North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, ‘n Tennessee, which was part of the unit 30th Infantry Division. 
In 1942 the 30th came under the control of the Army Ground Forces ‘n continued trainin' our troops until February 1944, when they went to the United Kingdom (England) in preparation for the Normandy invasion – some people call it D-Day.  Daddy went into combat on D-3 June 15, 1944.  He was wounded in battle, received the purple heart award, ’n was sent back to England for medical care.  After gettin' better, Daddy returned to France to continue the war against Germany.  He continued to fight in the Rhineland, Ardennes, ‘n Central Europe until the war against the Germans was won.

He and Mamma were married while he was in service.  He didn’t like leavin’ her, but felt it his duty to serve his country.

Daddy didn’t like talkin’ ‘bout his experiences in the war.  I do remember him salutin’ the flag durin’ the National Anthem before a ball game, shakin’ young men ‘n women’s hands in branches of service, ‘n goin’ to veterans funerals to thank the family for their loved one’s time of duty for their country.  He truly believed in God ‘n country!
Bein' thankful for all the veterans 'n their service for our country!

Whenever I hear or sing “The Star Spangled Banner”, I hold my heart a little closer and remember all the sacrifices my Daddy ‘n all the men ‘n women who served , ‘n are currently servin’ our country to keep our flag wavin’ bravely in the breeze. 

Psalm 33:12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people He has chosen as His own inheritance.
Lord, bless all the veterans 'n their families. In the name of Jesus, amen.
Things To Think 'bout:
1. If you know a veteran, please say a 'thank you' to 'em.
2. Never forget 'em.


  1. My appreciation for your father and all who served and are serving. My father and brother were in the Air Force.

  2. Thank you JoJo! Thanks to your father and brother! God bless them all!