Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What To Do When Life Comes In Waves

What To Do When Life Comes In Waves

Every time I'm at tha beach, I remember, when I was little, Daddy would take me 'n my sister out in tha ocean to ride tha waves. He held me in one arm 'n my sister in tha other. As long as Daddy was holdin me, I felt safe.

We'd ride one wave in 'n then another 'n another. After a while, Daddy decided ta' go out a little further. It was goin well, 'til I felt somethin wrappin 'round my legs. All I could think of was - a snake. I started hollerin 'n tryin to get whatever it was off! It's a wonder Daddy didn't drop me, but he held on to me 'til tha next wave brought us in. He would not let go of me cause he knew what would happin if he did. Of course it was seaweed wound 'round my legs. But ya cain't convince me it wasn't a snake!

I’m sure we’ve all had close calls in our lives when we knew that our Heavenly Father held us tight in His arms. Mamma says that we're safe in tha arms of Jesus. He rides tha waves of life with us 'n holds us up to keep us from drownin.

God already knows what kind 'a waves of life we'll be ridein. Just like Daddy holdin on to me to keep me safe, so does our Heavenly Father hold us to keep us safe.

When ya rest in tha everlastin arms of Jesus, you'll make it to tha shore safely!

Deuteronomy 33:27 The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms...

Things To Think 'bout:
1. What waves are ya ridin?
2. Is God your refuge?

Lord, keep us safe in your arms. Ya know how to ride tha waves of life so much better than we do. In tha name of Jesus, amen.

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  1. Very choppy waters in my ocean. I know that God has His reasons and a plan, but it doesn't mean the waters will ever be calm. It just means He is there with me through the storm. I've been riding this storm for about 30yrs. The waves are much taller these days.