Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Encouragin' Quotes

Wanted ta' share with ya'll some upliftin' quotes. Hope they'll inspire, comfort, 'n encourage!

Here are a few Quotes by Janet:

For the Day   

Take courage today. Share kindness. Be thankful. God is right beside you!
Make sure you manage your time wisely today, it is a valuable gift from God!

God knows our name. He knows all about us. And He loves us anyway!

A day without Jesus is a day without Sonshine!

Blessings come in small ways like a smile. Give someone a blessing today!
Be humble and gracious. Don't worry if others don't see the good things that you do. God does!
During the difficult days, God is always with you to protect you, and shower you with His grace!

At the End of the Day  
At the end of the day, when the sun shines through the trees in our backyard, there's a feeling of calmness. Of life slowing the pace a bit. A feeling of being close to God.

Embrace God's shelter. Relax in it. His unfailing love will keep you!
When you feel like your strength is gone. You're spent out. Breathing is even hard to do. Stop. Rest. Rest in God's presence. It will give you the ahhhh... feeling. Your strength will be renewed!
Do not be afraid of the dark. God gives you light even in darkness.
Whatever kind of day you've had, God’s grace saw you through.
Don't grow weary, God has everything under control!
Let your heart, your mind, your soul totally rest in God. You will be refreshed!
                                                                                                   - Janet Harllee

Lord, thank ya' for bein' our friend, our encourager! Your grace is sufficient for all our needs! In tha' name of Jesus, amen.

Lift up your praise to God!

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