Saturday, June 2, 2012

How Ta' Face Your Fears

                             How Ta' Face Your Fears
It was my Mamma that first taught me how ta’ face my fears.  Miss Winifred T. Crank was my 3rd grade teacher.  She was tall ‘n had shoulders like a football player.  Her hair was short ‘n gray.  Her face looked like a square frying pan ‘n she wore a whistle ‘round
her neck.  She terrified me!

Every time Miss Crank talked, her eyebrows would go up ‘n down in a capital V on her forehead. She’d always call on me ta’ go ta’ tha’ chalkboard in front of tha’ class ta' do a math problem. I was afraid 'cause math was not my favorite subject, 'n I knew I was gonna mess up.  

Miss Crank scared me sa’ bad, I decided I wouldn’t goin' back.  Tha’ next day I spent in tha’ woods across from our house.  In those woods I wasn’t scared.  In those woods I was Annie Oakley!

I found a tree that was bent over.  I climbed up on it ‘n bounced up ‘n down like I was ridin’ a horse. As I was ridin’, I made up this song.

In the wild wild west, I’m the best. 

I ride the range all day long.

It calms my fears, ‘n drives my troubles away.

There was only one person that could bring Annie Oakley down with just a look - my Mamma.  Tha’ next day Daddy took me ta’ school himself.  That day we got our math test back.  I got a B.  Ya’ know what Miss Crank wrote? - Good job, proud of you.  Maybe Miss Crank wasn’t so scary after all.

Mamma says ta’ put your trust in God. When ya’ fully trust in Him, fear disappears!

Psalm 56:11 "In God have I put my trust: I will not be afraid what man can do to me."

Things Ta' Think 'bout:
1.  What are your fears?
2.  Are ya' puttin' your trust fully in Christ?

Lord, thank ya' for calmin' our fears. Forgive us when we don't trust ya' like we should! In tha' name of Jesus, amen.


  1. Fear is a deliberating thing. That's when we must merge trust and faith to push fear back into it's corner, and then walk (or stumble) on by with our eyes on the Lord...which is even better than having Annie Oakley at your side! God bless.