Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tryin' to Be Who You Aren't

Tryin' to Be Who You Aren't

There was a time when I wanted my hair color to look like Jane Seymour when she starred in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman on TV. I asked a fellow hairdresser, Susie May, to fix my hair for me. 

This was early on in my career ‘n I was still learnin’ ‘bout hair color. Susie May told me people have different hair textures that don’t react the same way to hair color. All I cared ‘bout havin’ was shiny, wavy, light auburn color hair.

As I sat there with that strange colored goop on my hair, I wondered if I was doin’ the right thing. Forty- five minutes later, Susie May whirled my chair ‘round. When I saw myself in the mirror, my eyes widened in horror ‘n all I could get out of my mouth was a sharp squeal! My hair was fire engine red! Susie May said, “The only thing I can do is cut the red off as your hair grows out.”

Everywhere I saw my friends, all the reactions were the same, “What in the sam hill have you done to your hair?!” 

Realizin’ that I couldn’t be Jane Seymour or anybody else but myself, I vowed to never dye my hair ever again! I decided to just be happy with the way God made me!

We're all gifted with different talents and skills for a reason. In our business and personal life, it's important to be who we are and not who we aren't.

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