Saturday, July 20, 2013

Back Yard Obstacle repost


Back Yard Obstacle repost

When I was ‘bout fourteen years old, Daddy would let me drive his car in our back yard. This was way before under age drivin’ was against the law. I had to put pillows in the seat to be able to see. Our back yard was an obstacle course with trees on each side.

In the open space between the trees, I’d pretend to pull up to a stop light. I’d flip the turn signal on and make a turn in between a couple of the trees. When I got really brave, I drove up the driveway. Then Daddy would back the car down to the back yard so I could do it over again.

One day I was makin’ my turns ‘round the trees and somehow I didn’t leave enough room to make the full turn. I had to back up the car. I hadn’t mastered backin’ up yet, but thought I could handle it. I put the car in reverse and gunned it. Oops! I heard a sickenin’ crunchin’ sound. I got out and ran to the back of the car to see how much damage was done. I just knew Daddy was gonna’ be really mad at me! He came runnin’! First he checked to make sure I was ok. Then he took a look at the damage. It was a broken tail light. Daddy said, “Don’t worry, a little duct tape'll  fix it right up!”
There'll always be obstacles for us to overcome. Hurdles to jump over. Grateful to God that He's always there.

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