Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mamma's Secret To Makin' Biscuits repost

Mamma's Secret To Makin' Biscuits repost

Mamma’s Secret To Makin' Biscuits

Mamma was famous for her biscuits, even got a write up in the paper. My sister and I asked her what her secret was to makin’ 'em. We wrote down the recipe as she told us. When the dough was made, she dumped it from the bowl onto a floured table.

Then she fluffed and folded the dough end to end into a nice round ball. Now here's the secret - she said she always gave it a "love pat". Then she took her rollin’ pin and lightly rolled over the top of the dough. She used her fingers to fluff from underneath to get out the air. Mamma said not to twist your cutter to cut the biscuits. Then once they were cut, fluff from under 'em again and place onto a bakin’ pan.


One of Mamma's joys and passion was cookin' for people. She was happiest seein’ people eatin’ and enjoyin' her food. 

Make sure you include the secret ingredient "love pat" in whatever you do in life.

Grateful to God for a Mamma who taught me her secret to makin' biscuits.



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