Tuesday, May 21, 2013

When Plans Don't Go As Planned - Regroup

When Plans Don't Go As Planned - Regroup


Aunt Nell and Uncle Ray wanted to renew their weddin' vows on their 50th weddin' anniversary. They decided to go on a cruise and have the ceremony on the ship. They'd never been on a cruise before and thought it would be like on that TV show, The Love Boat.

When it came time for their vows to be renewed, they gatherd out on the deck. A full moon painted a romantic backdrop. Aunt Nell wore the pink and yellow flowered dress that her Mamma was married in, and Uncle Ray wore hus usual - overalls. Their grandson, Jeb, played his stringed wooden spoon that he made himself. My Mamma went along to sing a song I wrote just special for the occasion, 'Renewin' Our Weddin' Vows'.
Unfortuanately, Uncle Ray had gotthe hiccups right before the service started and was holdin' his breath. When the captain said, "Ray Thurman Thumble, do you take Nellie Lou Swith Thumball to be your wedded wife again?" Uncle Ray, who was turnin' blue by that time, deflated like a balloon. He spun 'round knockin' the captain into the railin' nearly sendin' him flyin' into the ocean. Thank the Lord, only his toupee was lost at sea.
Aunt Nell fell and tripped the waiter carryin' the weddin' cake. The cake went airborne and landed on top of Uncle Ray.
The next week ther was a write-up about the ceremony in our weekly paper, The Frog Holler Times. There was a picture fromt he cruise that showed Aunt Nell and Uncle Ray scrapin' weddin' cake off of Uncle Ray and feedin' it to each other.  The cation read, "A good time was had by all."
Talk 'bout havin' to regroup. Sometimes the only think you can do is make the best of a situation.
Thank you God that you're with us in the times our plans don't go as planned.

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