Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How A Stranger Taught Us To Praise God

One Sunday mornin', we were singin' "When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder" 'n all of a suddin', we heard this voice only a Mamma could love.

Everybody started lookin' 'round, but couldn't see who was makin' that terrible sound. A few people at a time stopped singin'. After awhile all ya' heard was the loud out-'a-tune noise. Then we saw him! It was a man on the back row. He had his eyes closed 'n singin' to the top of his lungs. This voice was worse than my Daddy's tryin' to sing "Let Me Call You Sweetheart".

Some of us put our hands over our ears. Those with hearin' aides had to take 'em out. This man was so into singin' praise to God, that he didn't realize he was the only one singin'. But when the music stopped, the man stopped singin'. Not only could he not sing, he looked like he hadn't changed clothes in months.

He was so embarresed, he started to leave. Our preacher asked him to stay. "What's your name sir?"  he asked. The man replied, "Jimmy James Tuttle." He said that as was passin' by the church 'n heard us singin', it reminded him of better times. Jimmy James went on to explain that he used to be in a gospel quartet. Then his luck changed 'n so did his life. He ended up on the streets. Jimmy James said, "I stopped singin', but I never stopped belivin' in God."

A stranger taught us how to praise God! Even though his voice was - let's just say, more than a little rusty - I was reminded of Psalm 100. We're to worship God with a joyful shout/noise - singin' His praises. God doesn't care how it sounds like.  We praise Him through sing'n 'n clangin' symbols!

Make a joyful noise (shout) to the Lord, all you lands! Serve the Lord with gladness; Come before His presence with singing." Psalm 100: 1-2

Things for ya' ta' think 'bout:

1. Do ya' truly worship God?

2. How do ya' experience makin' a joyful noise? Or are ya'?

Give us a heart to serve you more with gladness 'n thanksgivin'. Lord help us to worship you with a joyful shout givin' ya' all the praise, honor, 'n glory. You are worthy Lord. In the name of Jesus, amen.

Hope ya'll are havin' a great summer!

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  1. I was in many choirs when I was a kid. Wanted to be a professional singer. I even started college as a voice major until I switched to speech communication. Over the yrs, I lost my voice and don't sing much anymore. I usually don't sing in church but I do sing harmony sometimes with my computer as I play praise and worship music while I write. Singing often makes me hoarse now.

  2. I sing everywhere I go.

  3. I sing everywhere I go.

  4. I sing everywhere I go.