Saturday, May 5, 2012

Is Your Faith Grounded?

Growin' up we had some big oak trees in our back yard. Me 'n my best friend, Molly Sue, loved ta' play under 'em in tha' summer, 'cause they gave a lot 'a shade. Molly Sue's first boyfriend carved a heart on tha' tree that's still there taday.

You 'n me und'r tha' tree,

Hearts 'a love so happy 'n free.

Hand 'n hand we are spree,

You 'n me und'r tha' tree.

I've read that tha' oak tree has a long, deep taproot that goes way down in tha' dirt. It soaks up water 'n food as it grows more 'n more roots. Tha' roots keep tha' tree standin' strong.

Just like tha' oak tree, our faith needs ta' be grounded in God so we can stand strong!

 We Need Ta':

1. Believe in God 'n keep focused on Him

2. Stay in God's word

3. Pray ta' Him all tha' time

4. Be givin' ta' others

5. Trust God 'n praise Him

6. Persevere evin' in tha' hard times

7. Share Him with others

Lord give us a heart for others. Keep us rooted in your everlastin' love, 'n grounded in tha' faith. In tha' name of Jesus, amen.

Things Ta' Think 'bout:
1. Are ya' grounded in your faith?
2. Do ya' share your faith with others?

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