Saturday, March 3, 2012

Do Ya' Know A Secret Place?

Growin' up I'd go out in our back yard ta' my secret hidin' place. I took a blanket ta' sit on 'n some of mama's Kool-Aid. It was somewhere I went ta' rest, 'n ta' dream. I felt safe in this place. Do ya' remember your secret place?

In taday's headlines of disasters, killin's, wars, economy, etc. - we need a place of refuge. Tha' secret place is in tha' presence of God. He is our refuge!

Psalm 91: 1-2  He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, "He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I will trust."

Isn't that a powerful verse?! God loves 'n cares for ya'! He's always watching out over ya!. 

Tell Christ your troubles, your needs 'n trust Him! He will give ya' guidance 'n direction. There's always gonna' be troubles - sickness, death, everyday problems, but God blesses us through tha' hard times so we can bless others. It pleases God that we're bessin's ta' others.

Somethin' ta' think 'bout:

1.       Do ya' know Him? Do ya' know 'bout tha' secret place? 

2.      What's happened in your life? Are ya' usin' what ya' learned ta' minister ta'


Thank ya' Lord for bein' our refuge,

for havin; a secret place we can run ta' in our times of troubles.

Lord may we be more bold in our faith 'n ministry ta' others.

In tha' name of Jesus, amen.

Please pray for me taday. I'm on my way ta' Rolesville, NC ta' perform for a women's event. I love performin' for tha' Lord! I ask for prayers for safe travels 'n for God's anointin'! I 'preciate it!

Say, feel free ta' share my information with your church or organization. Like I always say, "A little humor, story, 'n song is good for tha' soul"!
   - Mitsy Lou


  1. I grew up in an Atheist home so God wasn't a part of my life then. I moved around a lot when I was a child so I didn't have any one place to go to except my own thoughts. I did take refuge in music and my writing. In fact, I wrote some music. I'm afraid it wasn't very good. lol Now God and Christian music is my secret place.

  2. Oh and I'm praying for your performance. I'm sure you will be wonderful.

  3. For some reason, as I read your piece, I thought about my favorite childhood book "The Secret Garden." Because of it, I hid within the tunnels of an overgrown lilac bush and talked to God. Today, my favorite place is sitting on my deck on a spring morning with the birds singing in perfect harmony - except maybe the squawking bluejays. May God use you mightily in Rolesville, NC.