Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tip #4 When Tha' Sharks 'A Life Attack Ya'

Surv'l Tip on Stay'n Tha' Course #4 When Tha' Sharks 'A Life Attack Ya'
We, as Christians, are ta' be Christ like in our walk, in our talk, in our day ta' day things we do. Satan is always ready ta' cause us ta' stumble. When someth'n good happ'ns ta' ya', it makes ya' feel good, don't it? That's when tha' devil usually makes his move. He uses pride, pleasure, 'n things of tha' world as a snare. You've heard tha' express'n, 'opportunity may knock only once' - temptation will never stop knock'n. My preacher calls it Spiritual Warfare. 
                                                  We're on tha' battlefield, but are we on tha' front lines?

Jesus is tha' answer. Satan's work'n hard'r 'n hard'r ta' destroy our relationship with Him. We need God more than ev'r now in our country, in our community, in our churches, 'n in tha' world.

Jesus stayed tha' course 'n defeat'd Satan by dy'n on tha' cross 'n when He arose from His grave.

    Jesus told His disciples in John 4:34 "My food is to do the will of Him who sent me and to  finish His work."

Jesus deafeat'd Satan when he tried to tempt Him in tha' wilderness. Remember? In Matthew 4:1-11 it tells us of how Satan tried ta' tempt Jesus. Jesus had not eat'n in 40 days 'n 40 nites. I'm sure He had ta' be hungry 'n very tired. Satan tempts Him, but Jesus did not give in. He stood firm!

How can we be equipp'd ta' fight off tha' sharks 'n stand firm? By putt'n on tha' Armor of God:
Divers wear suits made 'a mater'l that can help protect 'em while be'n in tha' water with sharks. Policemen put on armor wear'n a protect'd vest, our sold'rs also wear gear ta' help keep e'm safe. Christians need ta' put on tha' Spiritual Armor 'a God ta' protect us from Satan.

Ephesians 6:11-18 tells us ta' put on tha' full Armor of God so that when we are tempt'd, we'll be strong'r ta' stand.

How can we be prepar'd? We need ta' know what tha' Armor of God is 'n how ta' use it ev'rday.

Tha' spiritual Armor of God found in Ephesians consist of:

1. Tha' BELT OF TRUTH - know'n when ya' become a Christian that your gonna' live ya' life in a diff'rnt way than before

2. Tha' BREASTPLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS - hav'n ya' heart right with God, spend'n time with Him, 'n be'n obedient

3. Tha' SHOES - ready ta' go out 'n serve oth'rs needs, be solid 'n stand firm

4. Tha' SHIELD OF FAITH - when Satan attacks with his flaming arrows: lies, fear, discouragement, anyth'n godless in tha' world

5. Tha' HELMET OF SALVATION - protect ya' mind 'n stand against Satan

6. Tha' SWORD OF THE SPIRIT - spend time in tha' world 'a God, His word is our sword

7. Tha' ARMOR OF PRAYER - with pray'r your spiritual armor's complete, there's power in pray'r

Things ta' think 'bout:

1. How's Satan's 'sharks' attack'n ya' life?

2. Do ya' put your spiritual armor on ev'rday?

Lord, give us a burn'n passion in our hearts ta' always love 'n serve ya'. Help us ta' put on our spiritual armor on so we can keep Satan away. Thank ya' for ya' Word, Lord. Giv'n ya' all the praise, honor, 'n glory. Amen

God, bless ya'lls hearts!

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