Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mamma Spent Christmas With Jesus

Mamma Spent Christmas With Jesus
Mamma loved Christmas so, it was fittin’ that she moved to heaven on December 20, 2012. Her life has been such a blessin’ to people, even in her death.

My sister ‘n me spent the night with Mamma the night before she passed. The staff at the retirement community, where she lived, would come in to check on her. Then they’d speak softly ‘n tell her they loved her. Then they bent over ‘n kissed her on her forehead. We could see ‘n feel the love that surrounded Mamma.
As Cousin Susie put it in her tribute to Mamma at her service, “She was a woman who loved well ‘n was well loved.” Mamma was the oldest of four children. They lived in a small NC mill village. When her mamma died, she quit high school ‘n went to work to help her two brothers ‘n sister get through school. Alcoholism took much of her Daddy’s life so, Mamma did all she could to keep the family together.
Mamma wanted to be a missionary in China, but she became a missionary in her own home, ministerin’ to her family and her community. It was through Mamma’s love ‘n determination that her two brothers ‘n sister finished school ‘n got a college education, even though she didn’t. Her two brothers became Baptist preachers ‘n her sister used her degree as Director of Religious Education in her church. Mamma was real proud of ‘em! On Mother’s Day, they sent her Mother's Day cards 'cause they felt like she was more of a Mamma instead of a sister to 'em.
Mamma loved her church ‘n when she was fourteen, started teachin’ young children in Sunday school, 'n continued for the next fifty-four years. Wherever Mamma worked, she wasn’t ashamed to share Jesus. She worked with a lot of young, troubled folks. She’d say, “Do you know Jesus, He’s your friend, He’ll help you”!
Me ‘n my family celebrated her Homegoin’. Her preacher said, “Ruby Lee loved Jesus ‘n Christmas. She looked forward to bein’ with Him. Bein’ able to spend Christmas with Jesus would’ve been the best gift she could’ve ever imagined.”
Mamma’s been an inspiration to me by livin’ her life of love ‘n selflessness. I miss her presence like crazy! But her lovin’ spirit will always be in my heart. Mamma spent Christmas with Jesus! I can just imagine her at the gates of heaven ‘n Jesus there to welcome her with His outstretched arms, ‘n Mamma with her outstretched arms as they greeted each other. It can’t get any better than that!
1       Corinthians 15:54-55  “Death is swallowed up in victory.  O death, where is your victory?  O death, where is your sting?”  (NLT)
Lord, thank you for Mamma 'n her great faith. Praisin' 'n givin' you all the glory. In Jesus' name, amen.



  1. What a precious story about her. Thanks for sharing.