Saturday, November 19, 2011

Are Ya Walkin' In Joy?

Accordin' ta Webster's, tha' word joy means intense happiness. Bein' joyful is expressin' or feelin' joy.
What's your joy? What makes ya' feel joyful? For a Christian, joy is havin' a close relationship 'n fellowship with Jesus. It's havin' tha' Holy Spirit livin' inside ya'.

I remember when I accepted Jesus as my savior, I never felt so safe, so excited, so full of joy. It's like holdin' a new baby for tha' first time. Your heart can't help but overflow with - joy!

How can ya' continue your walk in joy? Here are some ways:

First of all, ya' need ta' talk with God. Let Him know daily your frustrations. Ask Him for His wisdom in everythin'.

Read His word every day. Take tha' time ta' meditate on it. Open your heart to receive it's message.

Allow God's love ta' shine through ya' so others will see it. This is important 'cause people do watch how ya' act 'n react ta' things that happen in your life.

Share your testimony with others. Learn Bible verses 'n keep 'em in your heart. Be ready 'n pray that God will send ya' someone who needs ta' know Him. God will give ya' what ya' need when ya' need it.

Pray without ceasin'. There is power in sincere prayer.

Keep fellowship with other Christians. We are ta' help 'n support each other.

Get involved in your church. Give back ta' God your time, talents, 'n money.

Walkin' in joy means walkin' in confidence of our future knowin' we have an eternal home with Him. John 15:11  Jesus says,  "These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full."

Lord, I thank ya' for what ya' did for me 'n everyone by diein' on tha' cross. I pray that ya' give me opportunities ta' share your name, your love, your joy. May we take tha' time ta' spend with ya' every day. Askin' for your wisdom, in tha' name of Jesus, amen.

Wishin' ya' a Joyous Thanksgivin' with your family 'n friends! 

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  1. Hi Janet,
    Thanks for sharing these warm words with us and reminding us to be grateful and joyful all the time. Wish you too a joyful Thanks Giving.

  2. Y'all need to splain the Word in ways I can understand, Ms Janet!!! hahaha... I really like the way you write, sister! Thanks for the inspiration this mornin and now, am just plum fired up to go make some grits with mah biskits and coffee...ROLL TIDE (all of this is true and not based on a True Story)
    your bro
    bubba b