Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"The Lily Among Thorns", a story written by Marc Pranger

Thank ya Marc for sharin this beautiful story.


I am a rose of Sharon, A lily of the valleys.
        Like a lily among thorns, is my darling among the maidens.

In the valley of Sharon does the lily blossom in great beauty smell her lovely fragrance.

She, the beauty, the lovely one, blossoming in an unusual place, she is the only lovely flower in a field of thorns.

Slowly I find myself walking closer; I am surprised to see tears of sorrow and pain in the eyes of the lily.

“Lily”, I ask “Why are you in all your beauty so full of pain and sorrow?”

“You, you also,” she shouts, full of hurt, “the next one that speaks only lies. Do you not have eyes to see, to see that there are only thorns growing here? Do you really think I am different? NO, I am just a thorn among thorns.”
“No you are not,” I say, “you are really different, you are a beautiful lily.
I am sure you are the Creator's lovely lily, he loves you with all his love."
“No”, speaks the lily once again;” the Creator loves beauty and lovely fragrance; I am nothing more than a stinging, worthless, thorn, just as the others here.Go away, I do not and will not trust you; what do you want from me anyway?”

I went to Wisdom, He who knows all the questions and all the answers.
“Wisdom”, I spoke in a hurry, with tears in my eyes,”why does the lily not see and why does the lily not know that she is different than the thorns? How can she learn to see, learn to know?”
“Calm, calm now” speaks Wisdom with a gentle smile ringing in His voice, “one question at a time please.”
Wisdom speaks: “You know, the lily is brought up amongst thorns - in the eyes of the Creator she was always a lily, beautiful and lovely. But she has only thorns in her field of life, and she started to think she is one of them. She has gone through much pain you know.”

“Is there no mirror to show her how beautiful she really is,” I asked Wisdom?
“No, there are no mirrors in this valley, as you know them,” says Wisdom, “but that does not say there is no mirror, that’s the riddle."

“Please, I say, tell me so that I can help the lily.”

“You, you cannot help her My son, you can only be the messenger of the Helper, tell her in peace and with a gentle voice what I tell you.”

“You know the Eagle, the one that sees and knows all there is to see and know, full of Awesome power?” was what Wisdom asked.
“Yes, I know Him, He helped me many times to see the perspective of the Creator from heights above height,” I answered. “He is so huge, His eyes like piercing fire, that I fear Him even though I know He is part of the Love, three in one, one in three.”
“Yes, that’s right" Wisdom says, "But the lily fears Him many times more than you, because
she thinks she is not worthy- a thorn that would find no approval in the fire piercing eyes. She is afraid for the strength of the wind, the Ruach caused by His wings. She is afraid that she will be blown away to a place called darkness, if he comes too close.”

“Still, the eagle holds the answer,” are the words of Wisdom. “Tell the lily that complete, unconditional love, drives out all fear. Tell her that it needs only one trust step, one step to say; ‘Eagle, I can not, but I still want to trust you as part of Love complete.'

If she says: Take my spirit on thy wings, Oh Eagle, then will her spirit fly, carried on Eagles wings, the Creators Spirit, and she will see and know again the perspective of the Creator.

She will see from heights above height that she is standing as a lily among thorns. The Eagle will carry her to Me,” says Wisdom,”I am also the Creators Spirit. I will teach her further, so that she will see and know forever and evermore, that it is the Creator, that it is Yeshua who laid down His life for her, that says:
Like a lily among thorns
Is my darling among the maidens.”

And she will no longer answer; “No, go away, I am a thorn among thorns, stinging and worthless. Instead, she will dance, shout, swirl around and around, full of excited joy and shout yes, shout with force:

I am a rose of Sharon, A lily of the valleys!!”

So, I went and told the lilies all that Wisdom had said…


Marc Pranger                                                                                                                                      

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  1. Just beautiful, I'm speechless

  2. Janet, thank you for posting Marc Pranger's story it is so beautiful!
    Take care my friend!

  3. Very nice story, Janet, like you, I like to post things written by other people, when it's that inspiring.


  4. Thank you all for the friendly comments Be Blessed and Be a Blessing