Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lesson Learn'd From A Lemonade Stand

There's noth'n like a cold glass 'a lemonade on a hot summr's day. I rememb'r when Mamma help'd me put up a lemonade stand outside our house. She made a sign, "Lemonade 5 Cents A Cup".  She let me make tha' lemonade.  I was so excit'd! I squeez'd tha' lemons into a juicer, then poured tha' juice into a pitcher, 'n add'd wat'r 'n sug'r.  I set tha' pitch'r of lemonade with tha' cups on tha' table 'n put some ice in a cooler. I sold $5.00 worth right off tha' bat.

Then our neighbor, Churlene, came over. When she took a sip 'a her lemonade, her face shrivl'd up like a fish in shock. I could tell right away that I must 'a used too many lemons 'n not enough sug'r.

Mamma lov'd ta' use situations ta' teach life lessons. She said, "Mitsy Lou, life's gonna' give ya' a lot 'a lemons. Ya' see lemons are sour. Tha' devil tries ta' 'sour' your life 'n keep ya' from God. Sug'r sweetn's tha' lemon juice. Tha' love 'a Jesus is sweet.  Make sure that Jesus is always in your heart. He'll help ya' with all that's 'sour' in your life, 'n give ya' sweetness."

That lesson has stuck with me ev'r since. Tha' devil still tries ta' 'sour' my life. But with Jesus in my heart, I know that my life is sweet'r.

Good News! God can sweet'n your life! Ya' gotta' keep your faith 'n trust in Him!

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths."
Proverbs 3:5-6

 Things ta' think 'bout: 

1. How is Satan try'n ta' 'sour' your life?

2. Are ya' trust'n God enough?

Lord, I pray that when tha' devil tries ta' 'sour' our lives, that you give us bold strength 'n trust in you know'n that you'll see us through 'n make our lives sweet'r. Thank you in tha' name of Jesus, amen.

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