Saturday, April 30, 2011

In Tha' Arms 'A Jesus

Mamma says that life sometimes is more like just a closer stumble with thee. Tha' old'r I get, tha' more I understand what she means. Like tha' Bible says, we are ta' be stepp'n stones n' not stumbl'n blocks.

"Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

What a comfort'n word from God. Sometimes when I'm stress'd 'n feel'n a heavyness on my shoulders, I forget ta' go ta' God. Instead I take on tha' task 'a work'n things out myself. Big mistake! Does this ever happen ta' ya'?

God wants us to cast [throw] our troubles on Him 'cause He wants ta' carry our load for us. I rememb'r Daddy tell'n me that Grandpa had twin mules, Pearl 'n Nell. They were good work'n mules 'n didn't mind bein' laden down with supplies ta' carry out ta' tha' field. One day a storm came up, 'n tha' light'n spook'd 'em. Pearl 'n Nell took off runn'n. It just so happen'd that Daddy was walk'n in between 'em. He said his feet almost left tha' ground. When they got ta' tha' ditch, they stopp'd 'n Daddy land'd in tha' ditch.

Do ya' feel a heavy burden on ya' should'rs? Are ya' tired? Are ya' weary? Are ya' weigh'd down with troubles? Don't be spook'd 'n run 'round try'n ta' fix things alone. Run ta' God 'n cast [throw] ever'thing on Him. With God all things work out better. Mamma says that ya' need ta' let go 'n let God. She says that you'll always find rest in tha' arms 'a Jesus.

How has God help'd ya' work out your troubles? Would love ta' hear from ya'.

Lord, thank ya' for always lov'n us even though we don't always come ta' ya' with our troubles. I pray Father for anyone goin'n through difficult times, give them your peace 'n love. In tha' name 'a Jesus, amen.

On Tuesday, May 10th, I'll have a guest blogger, Mari-Anna Frangen Stalnacke. Please feel free to visit her link.

God bless ya'lls hearts!

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