Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What Would You Have Said?

What Would You Have Said?

Whether we’ve had children or not, most of us at some time in our lives have had the joy of holdin’ a brand new baby.  Smellin’ their sweet skin.  Rubbin’ their soft cheek ‘n feelin’ the tiny fingers curl ‘round your own.  Somethin’ so tiny, so helpless.

But one day those hands may play the fiddle, those feet may dance a jig, ‘n those eyes may see the cure for cancer. 

So, when I think back on the story of Jesus’ birth, I wonder if Mary ‘n Joseph knew as they felt those tiny fingers grabbin’ their own that they were holdin’ the hands of their Savior, that they were kissin’ the cheek of the King of Kings.

Mary was just young girl livin’ in Nazareth. She wasn’t royalty; she wasn’t nothin’ special.  But she believed in God’s promise to send His Son ‘n she was faithful.  She wasn’t the most educated, or the smartest. She didn’t have the most money. She wasn’t the most talented. Yet, she believed. Because of her faith, God chose Mary to be the Mother of His Son, Jesus. That’s what God does, He picks an ordinary person to do extraordinary things.

Joseph was a carpenter. He ‘n Mary were engaged to be married soon. Her heart was full of joy, just thinkin’ ‘bout bein’ Joseph’s wife. As Mary was makin’ plans for their weddin’, somethin’ amazin’ happened.  Somethin’ Mary never expected. A bright light filled her room. An angel said, “Don’t be afraid Mary, I have good news to tell you.” Can you imagine bein’ in the presence of one of God’s angels?

Back before they had funeral home viewing’, the departed were viewed in their home.  Mamma told me that right after Grandma died, she was cleanin’ the room where the casket was.  Suddenly she saw a bright light. When she turned ‘round, she saw an angel. The angel’s face was shinnin’ ‘n her smile glowin’.  ‘N yes, she had wings. Mamma said she was gone in an instant.  But she’s never forgotten the peace ‘n comfort from her visitin’ angel.

Mary also couldn’t forget. She was just like a lot of us women.  As Mamma says, that secret was burnin’ a hole in her pocket.  So she told her cousin, Elizabeth.  After a time, Mary ‘n Joseph were married. Joseph, bein’ a carpenter must’ve made things for the baby Jesus – like a cradle. I bet he took his time polishin’ every groove in the wood, makin’ it perfect for a perfect child.  I guess you could say, it was a cradle fit for a King.

When it was almost time for Mary to give birth, she ‘n Joseph needed to travel to Bethlehem.  It was not a good time for her to be travelin’, especially very far.  Now, I’ve never had children, but my sister has. She said that in the ninth month, she couldn’t  see her feet ‘n ankles because they were so swollen.  Her head hurt all the time, ‘n her back felt like it was breakin’. Think of Mary ridin’ a donkey. It seems impossible doesn’t it? But God was with ‘em, ‘n with God all things are possible if we trust ‘n have faith in Him.

The Son of God wasn’t born in a royal palace, but in a plain ol’ stable.  The Son of God – sleepin’ with the horses n’ sheep.   A King who slept in a stable.   A King who came so that He may know His people. Mary wrapped Him in a cloth ‘n laid Him in a feed box.   It was a silent night while shepherds watched their sheep.   Suddenly, the sky lit up ‘n angels sang, “Glory to God”. The angels told the shepherds to go ‘n see the Son of God.  When they saw Him, they knelt, knowin’ God had kept His promise to send His Son.  Even though the Bible doesn’t say so, I’ll bet others came to see the Christ child.  Some probably only saw a poor child in a swaddlin’ cloth.  Others saw the Son of God. 

What would you have seen?  Would you have known that the tiny hand grabbin’ yours, was the hand of the King of Kings ‘n every person’s way to salvation, hope ‘n love.  Jesus is truly our greatest gift!  ‘N without a doubt, His life is the greatest story ever told!

Luke 2:10-12  Then the angel said to them, “Don not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people, “For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. “And this will be the sign to you:  You will find a Babe wrapped in swaddling cloths, lying in a manger.”
Rejoice in the Hope that was born on Christmas Day!
Merry Christmas y'all!

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