Saturday, August 4, 2012

New Baptismal Pool

New Baptismal Pool

I remember when we got our new baptismal pool. Cousin Louie got a video camera to document the occasion.  Merlene ’n Sherlene showed up in their big new hats ‘n they plopped down in right in front of me. I couldn’t see a thing.  I had to keep movin’ to see ‘round their hats, ‘n  it seemed like whichever way I moved, they moved.  Uncle Reefus came in in a new pair of overalls, which was unusual for him.  

The church was full of people to see the first baptisms in the new pool.  Cousin Arnie was the first person.  He came up singin’ God’s praises.  Then everyone gasped as Aunt Ulah Mae took her turn.  The flappy part of her arms waved ‘n kept on wavin’ ‘n when Aunt Ulah Mae was immersed, her flappies acted like water wings, they floated.  It took four men plus the preacher to keep her under the water.  She came up clappin’ her hands ‘n shoutin’ for joy. Billy Joe was the kid who always wanted to do things different.  He didn’t wait on the preacher, he just took a flyin' leap into the pool.  Water splashed everywhere! It ruined Cousin Louies’ video camera, not to mention, Merlene ‘n Sherlene’s new hats.  At least their hats kept me from gettin’ doused.

Even though things didn’t go as planned, nothin’ could get in the way of the Holy Spirit!

Mark 1:8 “I indeed baptized you with water, but He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.”

Things To Think 'bout:

1. Have ya' accepted Jesus 'n received His living water?

Father, our sins are washed clean by your grace. Thank ya' for that. Help us to stay close to you in our day to day. In the name of Jesus, amen.

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  1. I'm only 5' tall and, what's worse, I'm very short waisted. When I sit down, I'm usually shorter than many children so I always have this problem even if nobody is wearing a big floppy hat. We do try to sit where I can see, but our plans are sometimes dashed by a really tall person who happens to sit down right in front of me. I've learned to do what I can to get the message being presented whether in a theater or a church. Sometimes I can see if I squish over to the right. Sometimes I need to keep bopping back and forth as the giant in the front row moves around. Other times, I give up and just listen. It used to really bother me and I'd get frustrated making the experience all the more unpleasant. It's amazing how much you learn or experience when you just give up and go with the flow. So now, I do what I can and experience whatever I am able to.