Saturday, April 21, 2012

Frogs from Heaven

Ever had your plans fall apart, like fallin' dominoes? We were gettin’ ready for our revival when Frog Holler had a terrible storm. It was tha’ worst storm in 50 years, accordin’ ta' Mamma.

It all started when tha’ wind got up.  Then tha' rain started pourin'. It was tha’ worst gully washer I’d ever seen.  Then it started rainin’ frogs.  Yep, tha’ wind blew sa' hard that it blew up all tha’ frogs from tha’ holler. When I looked out of my window, all I could see were frogs fallin’ from tha’ sky. 

After tha' storm, our plannin' committee met ta' discuss our revival. It was gonna' start tha' next weekend. Here's where our plans started ta' unravel.

First of all, 'cause of tha' storm, frogs invested our church. So, we were havin' ta' hold tha' revival in a tent. Some of tha' people thought ya' just couldn't worship in a tent. Then tha' preacher, Rev. Pratts, got sick 'n he sent someone no one had ever heard of. His name was Rev. Clappins.

It seemed like nothin' was gonna' work out! Since we were out of time, we had ta' go with tha' tent 'n Rev. Clappins. I'm so glad he came! It's a revival I'll never forget! It’s a revival I’ll never forget! He told us‘bout his Mamma. She wasn’t
a Christian. With tears in his eyes, he shared with us how he read tha’ Bible ta’ her when she was in tha’ hospital. His Mamma came ta’ know Christ right there in her hospital bed! There wasn’t a dry eye in tha’ church. Rev. Clappins is just tha’ preacher we needed for our revival.
Ya' see, we got sa' caught up in our plans, ‘n wantin’ everthin’ ta’ be just rite, we forgot that God’s plan’s always better than ours.  We don't need ta’ worry ‘bout things ‘n trust in God more! He’s still in control!

Matthew 6:34  “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things.  Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”

Lord, thank ya' that you're in control! Keep us focused more on you 'n not on tha' 'things' we have ta' do. In tha' name of Jesus, amen.

Things Ta' Think 'bout:

1. How do ya' react when your plans fall apart?
2. Do ya' trust that God's in control?

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  1. I needed t' read this today. Been worryin' about an upcomin' trip for the family, something we ain't ever done. Sometimes I try to hang on t' stuff that God wants us to release t' Him. Thanks for sharin'

  2. My plans often fall apart, but I don't always know the reason why. I have to trust that God has better plans. I do remember once when I knew many yrs later. Three yrs after having my dd we were pregnant again and looking forward to having our children 3yrs apart as we had planned. We lost that child and I wasn't able to get pregnant for many years. Finally, 9 1/2 yrs later my son was born after some complications. Four yrs ago I realized how fortunate I am to still have one child home with us. If my son had been born when we had wanted him to be born, we'd be empty nesters now.